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Free Wheel -- Katharine Nohr
Free Wheel

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Land Sharks -- Katharine M. Nohr
Land Sharks

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Free Wheel -- Katharine Nohr


Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Peterson can’t seem to get a break.  He was ousted from professional cycling for doping.  After he switched sports to triathlon, he was blasted by the tabloid press for allegedly causing an accident that wiped out his competitors.  In an effort to redeem himself, Ryan starts the Freewheel Movement to help homeless and isolated people financially and emotionally.   Although Freewheel is an instant success and Ryan becomes a television talk show regular, his bad luck continues.  He’s sued for allegedly causing the death of a competitor in a Hawaii triathlon and no matter what he does, he can’t convince the beautiful claims adjuster, Alexia Moore, to go out with him.  Young and ambitious new attorney Zana West is hired to represent Ryan and provide him a defense in the lawsuit, but by doing so her relationship with Jerry Hirano, star of Fighting in Paradise is threatened.  “Freewheel” takes readers for a spin in the real world of personal injury litigation where the drama takes place outside the courtroom. 


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