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Free Wheel -- Katharine Nohr
Free Wheel

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Land Sharks -- Katharine M. Nohr
Land Sharks

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Land Sharks -- Katharine Nohr

VO2 Max

Professional Triathletes Haley O’Neill and Sean Bennett graduated from university in Sacramento and have no chance of landing jobs with their liberal arts degrees in the depressed economy.  Chasing the hope of winning a trip for two to Paris, the prize for each age group winner at the Freewheel Movement Triathlon in Honolulu, the young couple cashes in their frequent flyer miles, taking their chances that one of them will win.  After losing the race, they find themselves homeless in Honolulu, until a chance encounter with billionaire Bud Schubert, leads them to a lifestyle beyond their wildest imaginations.   Haley and Sean become the golden couple in the newly monetized sport of triathlon.  They are amongst the first professional triathletes to garner prize money the likes of golf and tennis and hire attorney Zana West to be their agent.  When Zana discovers that performance enhancing drugs have infiltrated the pro triathlon ranks, she enlists the help of Olympic Gold Medalist Ryan Peterson, who had been ousted from professional cycling for doping years ago.  “VO2 Max” takes readers for a spin in the fast and newly glamorous world of professional triathlon. 


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